3 Hours in the French Quarter

Over spring break my husband and I went to New Orleans to help with the devastation after the recent tornado. We only had one afternoon of free time. It was such an amazing time of fellowship with our friends. We went on a swamp tour, which was okay. When that was complete we went to the French Quarter, but only had three hours. My main focus was, of course, food.

Cafe du Monde

We started by making our way towards Cafe du Monde. On our way there we stopped and listened to some street music.

3 Hours in the French Quarter

Standing in the line to get inside was crazy, I honestly don’t think anybody knew what was going on. My friends and I just wanted some beignets and coffee, unfortunately time was not on our side. So, we decided to go to the other side of the cafe; where the take away line is. Note: this line is cash only and can be hidden because of the overwhelming length of the line on the other side of the cafe. We stood in line for about 30 minutes and took our beignets (ben-yay) and cafe au lait (caf-ay oooh lay) to a nearby bench. We ate the tasty dough, got powdered sugar all over us and were ready to go to dinner. Like I said, food was the focus.


My friend googled “whole in the wall cajun food near the french quarter” and that is what we got. It was amazing and only a few blocks away from Cafe du Monde! We found a fun, cozy restaurant called Coops.


Coops had delicious cajun food. My friends ordered red beans and rice and crawfish. We ordered the seafood plate, filled with crawfish, shrimp, redfish, oysters, fries, and coleslaw. I don’t think I had ever been that excited for seafood in my life than when that plate came out. We all ate every bit of our food. At Coops you can’t split the payment in anyway, so our friends gave us cash and we paid with our card.

When you get to Coops you wait in a line outside, luckily when we got there it wasn’t long and were seated in a few minutes. However, on our way out the line was crazy long.

Bourbon Street

Once we were finished we only had an hour before we met back with our group, so we took a stroll down Bourbon Street. I love how lively Bourbon Street is; with that said I have never been on Bourbon Street past 20:00 (8PM). There was live music that we danced to on our way down, we watched a performance, and we read some very interesting signs.

I can’t wait until I get to come back to New Orleans with the only intention of visiting and exploring; I have been on a plantation tour and a swamp tour. Hopefully, I will be able to go on a haunted tour either in the French Quarter or at a haunted house.

What have you done in New Orleans? I would love to hear your suggestions!

3 Hours in the French Quarter

16 thoughts on “3 Hours in the French Quarter

    1. We did! I’m going to write about it this week, we built a fence. Other sites built a roof, and gutted houses and churches.

  1. I love the French Quarter! There is a lot you can see in 3 hours in NOLA. Hopefully, next time you can enjoy a long weekend! (We also love the beignets!)

    1. Both times I’ve gone it’s been with my church, but I’d love to go to the Jazz Festival one year.

  2. Oh I remember Coops!! Love love creole and cajun food! I’d still have cajun spices on my bbq marinades! Definitely missing New Orleans – the jazz bars were also quite classy!

  3. It looks like you made the most of your few hours in New Orleans! I basically did this in my two days there – ate and partied on Bourbon Street. This was the first place that I ate alligator and tried a Po Boy sandwich. One night we did a dinner cruise but it was too misty to leave the harbor so we all sat on the boat and ate our Cajun food without ever leaving the dock ha ha.

    1. That sounds like a lot of fun! Cajun food is so good. I can’t wait to go back to experience more.

  4. Great post! I’ve only been to New Orleans for work so my time in the French Quarter was a bit rushed, too. But I had the same focus: FOOD!!!! I think I must’ve gained five pounds in the few days I was there lol. Good for you for going there to volunteer – that’s awesome.

  5. Sounds like you had a great time. This is definitely my next go to destination. Thanks for sharing you experience!

  6. I love your pictures of the seafood! It makes me so so hungry now 😮 You seem to have good time there although there’re only 3 hours.

  7. I love New Orleans! My mom is from there so I spend a lot of time there. Definitely Cafe du Monde is a must do. If you want a voodoo tour, I recommend the Voodoo Bone Lady! She is very entertaining and she is a real voodoo practitioner so she can really explain the customs.

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