Here are the 5 reasons I never check bags:

  1. Don’t have to worry about lost baggage
    • The worst thing is to get to a different country without your luggage. You are tired, possibly have been traveling for 12+ hours and all you want is to get to your accommodation and get out of the airport.
  2. No fees
    • No need for elaboration here. More money to use for travel the better.
  3. No Waiting
    • This goes in hand with the lost baggage. You are tired and you just want to get to your destination, but you have to wait with the 100 plus people from your flight who are also just wanting to get out of the airport.
  4. Easier to transport
    • Less bags and smaller bags are easier to transport, but I want to advocate for backpacks here. Rolling bags up and down stairways in the metro are a huge hassle.
  5. Makes you pack lighter
    • Packing lighter is better. You don’t need half as much as you think you do! Minimal make up, only a couple pairs of shoes, minimal hair tools, and enough clothes for a week that can be mixed and matched. {coming soon, how to pack for 8 weeks in Europe in one backpack}



14 thoughts on “5 Reasons to NEVER check bags

  1. It was totally impossible NOT to check bags on my last trip – I was trekking. However, both my traveling partner and I lost our bags. It was a nightmare!

    1. I’ve never lost my bags, but my friend did and had to borrow other people’s clothes for a couple of days and then get a taxi back to the airport to retrieve the luggage. I felt terrible for her!

  2. Definitely agree! Especially as most of the travelling I do is just around Europe, I don’t really have a need to bring a lot with me.

  3. I never check luggage either. The reasons – you have already mentioned but I would admit there is one shortcoming too – you can’t take 10 bottles of wine home, which is kind of sad ;(

    1. Sometimes I’ll check my bag on the way home so I can do that! Losing luggage in the states isn’t as bad as somewhere with a language barrier in my opinion.

  4. I can’t disagree with any of this! It’s so true. It’s our latest travel challenge- go carry on or not at all

  5. I seriously couldnt agree more. I hate going on trips, especially short ones, where people check bags. Ive learned to travel light for exactly this reason!

  6. You are right! But I always need tons of clothes for nice photos.. And all my creams and stuff.. 😛 But sure, it’s easier without!

    1. I’m the same, but I’ve just started to bring a lot of mixable pieces!! I’m going to do a post on that soon for our 8 week backpacking trip in Europe.

  7. i always try to pack light when i’m not with family and it’s >12 days. It’s save time, money and effort. delayed and lost luggages can really be a pain!

  8. Depends on the trip for me. #2 is not always true any more as some airlines are now charging for carry-ons as well. But, yeah, unless it’s a specialized trip (like camping) I am usually able to carry-on only.

    1. Really? The only airline I’ve known to do that is Spirit Air and their charges are so ridiculous that it’s the same to buy a ticket from a different airline, in my experience.

  9. So true. I hate checking bags and waiting for them in luggage claim. It’s even worse when they loose your luggage and you have nothing to wear. Thanks for the great tips!!!

  10. I agree! Carry-on is the way to go. But it depends on the trip. When I’m in Europe traveling on local airlines that have strict baggage limits I choose carry-ons. When I’m traveling to a place where I will be more stationary I check in a bigger luggage.

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