Oh, how I love Versailles. I love the history behind it; Marie Antoinette and King Louis are fascinating and the palace and gardens are a gorgeous wonderland.

Helpful tips for visiting:

When to go:

First, know opening times and days and make your plans in Paris with this information in mind. Versailles is open every day EXCEPT Monday from 9:00-18:30 (check the official website). Also, according to books I’ve read it is most crowded on Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday.

How to get there:

We arrived by RER C, a train system that is ran by the Paris Metro. It is easy to follow, about 30 minutes away, and cheap. Youth (under 30) day  passes during the weekend were 8,95 per person which worked better for us so that we could travel where ever that evening as well. Otherwise it is 4,50 each way.  Check out their website for more information.

What it costs:

We had our Paris Museum Pass, which paid for the palace and trianon, but not for the gardens on the weekends. We had to pay for a Musical Fountains Show ticket because it wasn’t a weekday. 9,50 for me and 8 for my husband with his international student ID card (ISIC). Without the Paris Pass it costs 18 to 30 euro depending on day and season

Planning your time:

When we got to the palace the lines were terrible. We went inside to talk to someone to see if our Paris Pass would let us skip the line, but unfortanately it did not. We ended spending our day in the gardens which is easy to do and then at 16:00 we went inside and were pleasantly surprised. There wasn’t a line and the palace wasn’t crowded at all! We had two and a half hours to visit the gorgeous palace.

I would also suggest a guide, guidebook, or audio guide to enrich this experience. Seeing sights is so much better, in my opinion, when you know they why behind everything. I used the Rick Steves audio app, it is free and he has many walking tours for Paris as well.

What to wear:

I would also suggest bringing your rain jacket and COMFORTABLE shoes for those gardens. A lot of walking if you want to visit Marie’s Chateau.

What to eat:

Versailles is great for a picnic! We didn’t try anything at the palace, but nothing looked impressive.

Tips on Visiting Versailles

Visiting Versailles was one of my favorite things we experienced in Paris! If you are in Paris for more than one day, I definitely recommend going.


21 thoughts on “Day Trip to Versailles

  1. I’ve been to Paris but never made it to Versailles. Should go there one day. Well, and I always bring something to eat when I visit a park or garden. The problem with Paris is probably that there are lines everywhere. Perhaps it helps to buy tickets online and in advance?

    1. Waiting until after 4 to go into the palace and spending the mornings in the gardens is the best way to get through without waiting in line.

  2. I visited Versailles a few years back and loved it! I didn’t know there was a fountain show though, would’ve loved to see that ! Maybe they didn’t have it then. The gardens are so huge and pretty !

  3. I’ve always wanted to check out Versailles! Good to know that it’s closed on Mondays. I’d probably go during the week, I hate crowds haha. Thanks for all the tips!

  4. Definitely wish I’d done a picnic there although in all honesty, I hated my visit. It was just so crowded and I got whacked on the head multiple times by people behind trying to take photos. Glad to hear you at least enjoyed it more than I did tho.

    1. That’s how I felt about the Vatican. It is so miserable when it is crowded! Timing is very important.

  5. How did you like the Musical Fountains Show? That wasn’t going on the day I visited, which also happened to be a rather chilly day — so as you say, dressing appropriately is key to enjoyment! 🙂 Hope to go back to see the fountains sometime. It was beautiful, nonetheless.

    1. Honestly, it wasn’t worth the 9,50. However, on the weekends in the summer it’s required to pay for if you want to go to the gardens.

  6. I love Versailles, but yes, it’s very touristy. You’re right about taking a guide, it’s good to know what you’re seeing there. A great day trip.

  7. We visited Versailles 4 year back and i loved it. Your post and pictures bought back lot of memories. its stunning place. thanks for sharing?

  8. It’s funny as I was reading through this, my brother walked past and saw the post, he goes to Paris a lot and been a here too. He also said the same, very very touristy but at the same time he loved it too. I have to admit I’ve snook this onto my list of places to visit when I go to Paris next.

  9. I had read about Mary Antoinette during my school days. A very good description of a day trip to Versailles. Will keep it in the itinerary whenever we visit Paris.

  10. Great tips! Man…I wish I had read this BEFORE I took a day trip there lol. Mine was a disaster.

  11. That’s really helpful; as with most trips, timing is everything, and knowing how to escape the queues is great advice. I haven’t been to Versailles since I was a teen, and I’d love to go back. In fact, Paris is calling at the moment. Your pictures reminded me a lot of St Petersburg, which I guess makes sense for both period and influences.

  12. I would love to go to Versailles! I have been to Paris, but since it was my first time we didn’t really go outside the city. I have watched a bit of the show Versailles on Netflix and it sure does make the place even more interesting.

  13. I went to Versaille back in 97. It was beyond incredible! I highly recommend it for a day trip. I do remember we did not bring a picnic with us and there werent many food options around. Great tip!

  14. Went there for a day trip as well and it was awesome! Wish I could have witnessed a fountain show or had a picnic there but the weather was terrible when I went 🙁
    Nevertheless, Versailles is a must see when in Paris!!

  15. We didn’t make it to Versailles when we were in Paris, we chose Chateau Fontainebleau instead. While I love Fountainbleau, I still need to make it to Versaille just for the history!

  16. This guide looks uber helpful! So curious that the only day it’s closed is Monday and only for a few hours haha. Also a picnic in Versailles would be seriously magical, def going to add that to my bucketlist.

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