His & Hers Clothing for 8 Weeks in Europe

Packing clothes for 8 weeks in Europe initially felt impossible. When spending over a month in Europe and traveling to different regions packing light and right is essential. I try to be as minimal as possible when packing for a trip. My hope is that this list will give you some guidelines and inspiration.

Hers List

I will be spending 8 weeks in Europe with temperatures ranging from Highs:67-105 and Lows:48-57 degrees fahrenheit. My goal is to layer, but bring layers that won’t make me melt in 105 degree weather.

Here is how to create over 200 outfits from 15 pieces.

3 Dresses, 2 pants, 1 pair of shorts, 4 tops, 3 covers, and 2 scarves.

  • Dresses alone 3
  • Dresses with pants and shorts 2×3
  • Dresses with pants and shorts, scarves 2x3x2
  • Dresses with pants and shorts, covers 2×3
  • Dresses with pants and shorts, scarves, covers 2x3x3
  • Dresses with scarves 3×2
  • Dresses with covers 3×3
  • Dresses with scarves and covers 3x3x2

Total with Dresses: 78

  • Tops with pants and shorts 5×3 (The chambray can be its own top!)
  • Tops with pants and shorts, scarves 5x3x2
  • Tops with pants and shorts, covers 4x3x3
  • Tops with pants and shorts, scarves and covers 4x3x2x3

Total with tops: 153

Total different outfits: 231

231 outfits! There is no reason to overpack. This list is not including tank tops or tights either!

These 15 pieces plus…

Shoes: I’m bringing 3 pairs of shoes; ballet flats, tennis shoes, and chacos.

Sleepwear: I’m bringing leggings and nike shorts to sleep in that could be great for hiking Montserrat, Tibidabo, and Cinque Terre.

Jacket: I have a very light rain jacket that I will wear over my light jacket.

How to pack these items:

First of all I make sure to keep an outfit easily accessible if I need to change in my small carry-on. Therefore, a few items will be missing. When it comes to packing, packing cubes have become my necessity. The small and medium sizes are best for backpacks.

  • Red pants, black pants, white shirt, and black shirt will all be in my carry on or on me. I will be wearing my tennis shoes and have an extra pair of socks with me.
  • Small cube with 3 dresses and my one pair of shorts (striped maxi, striped sleeved, and navy dress)
  • Medium cube with 2 shirts (floral and striped), 3 covers (vest, cardigan, chambray), and two scarves (purple and pink)
  • Small cube with leggings, nike shorts, 2-t-shirts, and swimsuit
  • Small cube with underwear, socks, bras, and bicycle shorts
  • Shoes (chacos, sandals, and flats) are on their own, but accessible in case my tennis shoes get wet or my bag is overweight.

Only a little over half of my backpack is filled and  it weighs 13 pounds. 



8 Weeks in Europe Packing List for Men.

Alright; men’s packing list. My husband doesn’t care about mixing up his outfits like I do. With that said he still has 40 different outfits, 120 if you include shoe change. He is only bringing 13 items. 8 shirts, 3 pairs of pants, and 2 pairs of shorts. I want to talk about my husband’s pants for a second. He has a pair of khaki pants that he says feel like athletic shorts, but could be considered business casual. We bought them at an outdoors store and here they are onlineOn the plane my husband will wear and pack his shorts along with two shirts and his jacket. Therefore, he will only be packing 4 shirts and 3 pairs of pants…all of which can fit in a medium packing cube.

  • Small cube: socks and underwear
  • Medium cube: pants, shirts, 2 pairs of basketball shorts, swimsuit, and two t-shirts
  • Shoes: Boat shoes and chacos will be packed and he will be wearing a pair of tennis shoes on the plane.

Typically, I would say don’t bring both boat shoes and tennis shoes. However, last summer my shoes were soaked in paris and I had to wear sandals on a cold, rainy day. It was not ideal, so now I’m a huge advocate for that extra pair if you can afford the weight.

Only half of his backpack is filled and currently weighs 15 pounds.

12 thoughts on “His & Hers : Clothes for 8 Weeks in Europe

  1. Clearly, I have to follow you. I have no idea how to shop for multiple outfits with the same staple item and it’s about time for summer clothes. Thank you for the tips! I’m not packing for Europe but the advice is great for my closet!

  2. Did you say you’re packing a total of 78 dresses and a total of 153 tops?????? That’s quite a lot?

    1. Definitely not, that’s how many outfits that can be created with properly accessorizing and layering. I only packed 15 pieces.

    1. Thank you! I’ve thought about it and played around with my clothes a lot to pack as few things as possible.

  3. I love minimal packing lists – this is both a great help and inspiration! Whereabouts did you go in Europe?

  4. i absolutely love this! i’m a minimalist packer and love wardrobe capsules. i, too, do this when traveling – only pack the bare necessities and make multiple outfit combos with what i have. keep doing what you’re doing!

  5. Packing light is a skill that took me long to learn. I was super good at shorter trips, but once it was more than two weeks, I was hopeless. However, I always ended up using less than half of what I brought with me. Should have known your tricks back then 🙂

  6. Cool way to pack. plus can buy clothes while there and wear a few while traveling. 8 weeks sounds like fun and a lot of hand washing. enjoy

  7. Love it! I’m still learning how to pack lightly myself, but I can generally fit all of my belongings inside a 30 kg backpack. My boyfriend and I are currently in Europe as well, but we have lots more than usual as we’re moving from New Zealand to Vietnam with a mini Euro-trip in between. I wish we didn’t have our suitcases in tow sometimes! I’m not used to this! 😛

  8. This is such a cool post. I also somewhat follow such kind of creativity while mixing and matching my outfits while travelling.

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